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Lawton Crime Stoppers provides a Child ID/DNA Kit which is a free service that is offered to the parents of children in our community. The service is described as follows: Crime Stoppers gives the parent or guardian an ID/DNA packet which contains a tri-fold ID type card, an ink strip, two sterile DNA swabs, an envelope, gloves and an instruction sheet. Everything is to be filled out by the parent or guardian in the privacy of their home. The completed packet is then placed in the freezer to be stored for up to 10 years. After completion, the packet can provide Law Enforcement with the child’s identifiers along with DNA that could be used in the event the child is lost or kidnapped. This enables the police department and media to have a "fresh" photograph of the child for an "Amber Alert" broadcast.

Crime Stoppers recommends that the parent or guardian updates the photograph of the child each year.

If your group or organization is planning an event for the public and would like for Crime Stoppers to conduct a child ID/DNA program, please contact us at 580-581-3210 or 580-355-4636. Please try to call at least one month in advance. We are not physically or financial able to grant every request that we receive, but we will try our best to offer this service to every group or organization that has an event scheduled and who requests us.

We also accept donations for this program. If you or your business/organization is interested in donating to this program, please contact Crime Stoppers via either number above or on our facebook page (LawtonCrimeStoppers).

Upcoming Child ID Events