The purpose of Crimestoppers/Drugbusters is to offer witnesses to a crime a way to provide information to help solve crimes without revealing their identity. Citizens are a key link to solving crime. They have more eyes and ears than all police officers combined. They see and hear things that often could be used to solve crimes but are afraid to say anything for fear of retaliation or other reasons.

Crimestoppers/Drugbusters is a program where the information can be conveyed to the proper authorities and no one knows who provided the information.To encourage citizens to call in the information, rewards are offered based on a set scale. Many citizens call and refuse the reward. They do not want money for turning in a criminal but do want a safe way to reveal critical information without anybody knowing who they are. While Caller ID devices are available, Crimestoppers/Drugbusters does not use them. The integrity and credibility of the program is too important to jeopardize the faith of the citizens that their identity will be protected